The calendar shows our Members angel group meeting dates so entrepreneurs can more easily plan their funding raising activities.

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One of the main goals of InSync is to provide start-ups efficient access to multiple angel groups. Our network has developed processes for  syndicating and sharing deals.

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We are continually expanding our Network to create greater deal flow and investment capacity. Members groups are in Northern California and the Sierras and share deals via our GUST and/or ProSeeder platforms.

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For Entrepreneurs

  • Consolidated calendar of meetings dates of Network Member angel groups
  • Faster access to investors in multiple groups
  • Access to angels with a wide range of domain experience
  • Investor syndication and sharing is facilitated to allow a faster process

For Investors

  • Facilitates trusted relationships with other angel groups
  • Better deal flow and deal sharing
  • Easier to fill out a round through syndication
  • Invest with sophisticated co-investors as an alternative to equity crowd funding

For Angel Groups

  • Better deal flow
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Easier deal sharing  & syndication
  • Support of major deal platforms for deal sharing
  • No need to change group’s processes or culture