InSync Organization

Advisory Team

An Advisory Team of up to seven representatives from our Member Angel Groups has the mission to run the Network to:

  • Identify and share information about quality companies seeking early-stage financing
  • Collaborate in due diligence on potential investments
  • Promote inter-group understanding, and share best practices, resources and expertise where appropriate
  • Make it easier for deserving entrepreneurs to efficiently find and close investment

And very importantly, everything done has to respect the culture and founding philosophies of each Network Angel Group Member.

Network Membership Requirements

Only Angel Groups and small regional VCs or micro VCs can join the Network. To be eligible for joining, each Angel Group must:

  • Have a minimum of 8 investors and have one or more investors invest in at least 4 companies a year
  • Have a documented process for finding and selecting companies
  • Have a web and marketing presence
  • Be willing to share and review deals with and from other Network Members
  • Have a deal platform (e.g., GUST, ProSeeder or similar)
  • Participate in guiding the Network by having volunteers join the Network Advisory Team when invited
  • Designate a contact person for deal sharing collaboration
  • Publish their angel group’s events (dinner’s, pitch sessions) on the Network’s public Google calendar so that three months’ worth of events are always published
  • Annually provide their angel groups investing statistics (# of members, amount invested, # of deals done) to a single Steering Team member who aggregates the data
  • Promote the Network membership on their group’s website
  • Inform their Investors of their Network membership and its benefits
  • Consider joining the Angel Capital Association