Since 2016 when the Network formalized its operation, 63 deals have been shared and / or syndicated on the Network by members. In these deals 102 investments were made by Network member angel groups (on average, 1.7 Network members per deal). We plan to seek permission from the companies to publish further information on each deal.

Before the InSync Angel Network was formally organized in 2016, multiple Northern California Angel groups shared and collaborated on deals. Collectively, these groups invested $30M+ in 24 companies over a period of about 6 years. The groups were:

Berkeley Angel Network, Boise Angel Network, Golden Seeds, MIT Angels, North Bay Angels, Sacramento Angels, San Joaquin Angels, Sand Hill Angels, Shasta Angels, Sierra Angels, Tie Angels, Valley Angels.

Many of the above groups remain Network members and you can see the list of companies they collectively invested in below.

List of Companies Invested in through ~2015.