Entrepreneurs: Here is what we can do for you

Getting your Deal Funded

First, entrepreneurs need to apply for funding from one of our Member Angel groups. They may choose to share your deal with the other Network Members via our GUST and ProSeeder platforms (InSync does not accept direct applications on those platforms from entrepreneurs since we are not a funding entity).

The most obvious deals that are shared/syndicated are those where you’ve got a lead investor in the Network (that should be your focus: finding that lead investor) and more than one group is needed to fully fund your deal. Very compelling deals may be shared much earlier, sometimes before you have presented to any of our Network members, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

We are striving to do deal evaluation in parallel between Members rather than in a serial fashion, as most syndication is done now.


You’ll probably want to apply to several groups in our Network. Use our Network Calendar to see when each group has its meetings, and then when the selections cut-off dates are for each of those meetings. Get your application in on-time! Hopefully, you’ll find the calendar useful in planning an efficient “road show”.

Getting your Company Profile on the ProSeeder and GUST Platforms

If you have already applied to Angel groups with GUST and/or ProSeeder, then you already have profiles (applications) set-up to easily apply to other groups. If you don’t then the easiest way to create a profile is to apply to a group. You can transfer a profile within GUST or ProSeeder, but cannot send files between the two platforms. However, much of the information requested in the platforms is the same so you can cut and paste.

You can create a profile on GUST without applying to a group (so you have it ready when you do) by going to GUST. For ProSeeder, you have to apply to a group to create a profile, but once you have done that, the profile is usable with any group that uses ProSeeder, as long as you use the same email address when applying.

What happens after your Deal has been Shared or Syndicated?

InSync has its own collaboration platforms (no, you cannot directly apply to us via them!). Once a Network member “syndicates” your deal to the InSync platforms, all the Network members have access and can then refer it to their own platform for their Angel group to evaluate. You will be made aware this is happening by automatic emails from the deal platforms.