Dollars Invested (since 2011)

> $47,000,000

Deals Done (since 2011)

> 250

Number of Current Investors

> 600

Number of Angel Groups

12 & Growing

Our Value Propositions

For Entrepreneurs

  • Consolidated calendar of meetings dates of Network Member angel groups
  • Faster access to investors in multiple groups
  • Access to angels with a wide range of domain experience
  • Investor syndication and sharing is facilitated to allow a faster process

For Investors

  • Facilitates trusted relationships with other angel groups
  • Better deal flow and deal sharing
  • Easier to fill out a round through syndication
  • Invest with sophisticated co-investors as an alternative to equity crowd funding

For Angel Groups

  • Better deal flow
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Easier deal sharing  & syndication
  • Support of major deal platforms for deal sharing
  • No need to change group’s processes or culture

The Network


The calendar shows our Members angel group meeting dates so entrepreneurs can more easily plan their funding raising activities.

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One of the main goals of InSync is to provide start-ups efficient access to multiple angel groups. Our network has developed processes for  syndicating and sharing deals.

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We are continually expanding our Network to create greater deal flow and investment capacity. Members groups are in Northern California and the Sierras and share deals via our GUST and/or ProSeeder platforms.

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Deals in which our Members have jointly invested

Four Network Angel Groups invested in the 2010 $4.5M round

Glue Networks Software defined network orchestration -- created the first ever wide area network (WAN) orchestration engine

Three Network Angel Groups invested in the 2014 $2.4m round

Work Truck Solutions Gives truck dealer's customers a two click solution to find the exact inventory to assemble a work truck

Three Network Angel Groups invested in the 2014 round

Dynaoptics High precision free-form lenses that will revolutionize smartphone and webcam cameras

Five Network Angel Groups invested in the 2014 $1M round

Revolights Connected, patent, bicycle safety products -- complete 360 degree visibility from legal lights

Three Network Angel Groups invested in the 2014 $2M round

Renovo Medical device company developing innovative catheter solutions to improve treatment effectiveness and safety

Four Network Angel Groups invested in the 2012 $900K round

TranscribeMe Affordable, highest quality, consumer and enterprise transcription services
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ENTREPRENEURS! Want to Get the Network Interested in your Deal?

Apply to any of our Member Angel groups and get them interested so they are motivated to share your deal within the rest of the InSync Network via our GUST and ProSeeder platforms. InSync itself is not a funding group; you need a Network member to sponsor you. Click the link below to get more information and see how best to get your company profile on the deal platforms.

Angel Groups! Would you like to join us?

If you are on the West Coast and interested in our network, consider joining us in our mission to improve Angel group deal flow and making it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to get funded by us. Just contact us by using the link below.


Boise Angel Alliance and Wharton Alumni Angels Join InSync Angel Network

We welcome two Angel groups, the Boise Angel Alliance and Wharton Alumni Angels, to our Network. Both groups were recommended to us by individuals in current Network angel groups. The Boise group were an investor in the […]

Crater Raises $1.5M to Disrupt the Moving Business

Crater recently closed a round of $1.5M led by InSync member, North Bay Angels. Multiple angels participated including InSync’s Berkeley Angel Network and Sacramento Angels. Other groups participating were the Band of Angels, Tech Coast Angels, HBS […]

Axiom Exergy to Install More Than $5 Million Worth of Energy Storage

Read the full press release here. A quote from it follows: “Owners of grocery stores and other cold storage facilities in parts of Brooklyn and Queens can now receive incentives from Con Edison’s Neighborhood Program […]

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